rimkuss (rimkuss) wrote,

Saw some deep, confusing stuff

Went to see the Spalding Gray play it was surreal. His brother Rocky looks just like him but a more together stable Spalding. His son Theo and widow who I can’t recall her name at the moment. If you know anything about him it was the woman he left his long term girlfriend/ short term wife for. It was all over in two hours but it felt like thirty minutes. They read his very last journal entry before he killed himself and a bit where he compared himself to humpty dumpty and all the king’s men. He builds himself then tears himself down. Then there was a Q&A and I could think of nothing but asking Rocky how did you do that? How can you read from your dead brother’s journal and not break down each and every time? But that seemed inappropriate.


Finally saw Inland Empire. I think maybe I have an idea as to what is going on if you think Alice in Wonderland with a person trying to sort out a messed up relationship like in Lost Highway. Lynch is a tricky bastard you think you might have it sorted out then another scene pops up that discounts your theory completely. I can see why people are not too thrilled with this one. Lynch lately has been taking pity on his audience and offering  something that will at least make literal sense towards the end of the movie. In this one it was girls dancing to Nina Simone’s “Sinner Man”. Damn good song but what does it mean? Are the brunette in the beginning and Nikki Grace the same person or separate? Did Nikki Grace have an affair with her husband? Is that why they connected? Am I right in seeing all these characters from Alice in Wonderland?


As follows I think:

New neighbor was the Cheshire cat

The Mad Hatter was the director

March Hare was the director’s friend

Billy was the white rabbit

Nikki Grace was of course Alice

Her husband was the Queen of Hearts


There was a whole reference to burning a hole in silk. Is that the rabbit hole?  Are the dancing girls the talking flowers?


It was weird and creepy. Left me confused and a little disturbed. A sign of a good Lynch movie.

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